Adsterra High CPM Ads Network Adsense Alternative Ad Network

Global affiliate network for CPA and advertising with a special focus on partner care.

With our user-friendly, cutting-edge traffic solutions and the greatest staff in the business, we help advertisers fulfil their KPIs and increase ROI while publishers maximise eCPM.


Do you operate a marketing or SEO blog, provide URL shortening or file conversion services, or have a news or book website? Then, you may have considered making money through affiliate marketing or internet advertising.

Adsterra collaborates with affiliate marketers or social media marketers. Through affiliate marketing tools on Adsterra, it is simple to monetise your website and the following you have on social media, like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. One of them is the incredible offer-to-traffic matching technology called the smart direct link from Adsterra.

It allows creators of messenger groups, chats, and channels as well as mobile app developers to monetise their offerings by making every converting button or image generate revenue.

Publisher Rates

Adsterra publisher rates is very high main 3 component Adsterra deal CPM CPC and CPA. Those component different meaning CPM is Cost Per Impressions CPC is Cost Per Click and the last one is CPA is Cost Per Action.


Finding new GEOs and testing traffic are both made easy with the cost per thousand impressions price. It is best to test any complicated conversion flows using the CPM model, such as CC submissions and deposits. Until you start seeing a lot of conversions, it’s affordable and helps you balance your bids correctly.


When your offer is simple to convert, choose the cost-per-click payment method (e.g., just an opt-in required). To ensure you receive an adequate number of impressions, check using the Traffic Chart and Traffic Estimator tools.


The safest and most costly pricing approach is cost-per-acquisition. When your conversion path is straightforward and you have a solid understanding of your clients, go with it (e.g., app installs). Start with the CPM model instead if you are targeting a new audience or have a complicated conversion path (CC submits).



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